Apples & Peaches Celebration!

NYC FIRST Announcement:

Hello All,

This is DeVaughn K. Lane, from Brooklyn Tech HS FIRST Team #334.
Next Saturday, April 17th is the FIRST Championship in Atlantic GA!

Our school, in conjunction with the Polybots of Polytechnic University is throwing a NYC FIRST Robotics Celebration.
It is themed " Georgia Peaches and New York Apples" in honor for those teams that could not make it to Nationals this year. We are providing a DJ for the event and also watch Championship competition and cheer our NYC teams. Brooklyn Tech will also supply the apples and peaches!

Location: Polytechnic University, Brooklyn NY
Room 116
Time: 11am-6 pm
Admissions: Free
What to bring: Bring food for your self and to shared, team uniforms, and BYOB (Bring Your Own Bots).

Please contact either Ms Sabastin or me to RSVP with how many people you are planning to bring and if you are BYOB.
Contact us if you have any questions or comments. An itinerary will be available shortly upon request.

DeVaughn K. Lane:
Suman Sabastin:

DeVaughn K. Lane

That’s great. It’s nice that they remembered the ones who aren’t going. :slight_smile:

This year, due to funding challenges and limited slots at the FIRST Championship, only 5 of 26 NYC FIRST teams will be traveling to Atlanta.
A lot of the NYC teams are looking forward to this celebration/party, hopefully it will become an annual event.

Rich, you are so awesome it’s not even funny.

This is a great idea, I just wish it was in Boston (so that maybe I could sneak out of Sigma stuff long enough to go watch the finals)!

NYC FIRST Announcement:

To All,

Due to problems of an administrative and technical nature, I regret to inform you that the Brooklyn Technical HS/Polytechnic University NYC FIRST! Social, which was scheduled for this Saturday, April 17th has been cancelled.

 On behalf of my team and all those involved, we would like to sincerely apologize to all the hard-working teams in NYC who were looking foward to this event.  

DeVaughn K. Lane
Team #334

Ok, so next year… The FIRST annual (?) Beans, Apples, and Peaches official Tailgate party?? A three city event, Beans from Boston. Apples from NYC, and Peaches from Georgia.

B.A.P.T. 2005 or bust!!! (Beans, Apples & Peaches Tailgate party 2005!!)

Who in these cities wants to make it happen???

I think we may have Georgia covered… :smiley:

HELLLOOOOO? We’ll start with a B.A.T. (just the Beans and apples) party at the (hopefully) New NYC Regional … YA BABY!
Hello? … can we get this certified?
(for the rest of the year “Newton” will trigger… “YA BABY!”) :yikes:

This sounds like an awesome idea. After all this party is almost like a social at the end of a competition except it brings the teams who did not go to the nationals together to watch it over a broadcast or webcast.

Hopefully next year with some help this will become an official annual event!

Let the FIRST Annual B.A.P.T. 2005 Party begin -------- NEXT YEAR!!!