Apply to join Team REV - $100,000 in sponsorships available for 2022/2023

For the 2022-2023 FIRST ENERGIZE season, REV Robotics is awarding $100,000 in total sponsorships for FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST Robotics Competition teams!

Our sponsorship program is designed for teams that excel on the playing field while being model members of their local FIRST community through outreach and sharing their knowledge with others. Teams who are selected to receive a sponsorship will become part of #TeamREV. As Brand Ambassadors, teams will share the values and ideals that REV Robotics strives to embody through our joint participation in FIRST programs.

This year, we are offering more perks for sponsored teams such as specialized communication, partnership opportunities, and product previews as the season progresses. Teams will also collect achievements to earn rewards like exclusive Team REV swag, marketing spotlights, and automatic admission to next season’s sponsorship program.

Visit our Sponsorship Page to fill out your team’s Sponsorship Application. Applications are open from July 19, 2022 through September 13, 2022.

Stay tuned to our blog, email newsletter, and social media channels for an official awardee announcement!


To add something of substance and make this not just a meme post - I think this is super awesome of REV to do, especially with the transparency of the sponsorship system and the new features being advertised. Supplier sponsorship can sometimes be this black box of “if you know you know” where the entry conditions are tacitly defined as “get gud”, and while this is perfectly okay and up to the suppliers, I will say I appreciate REV coming out with a sponsorship application and discussing their #TeamREV program more publicly. I’m looking forward to seeing #TeamREV grow, and hope to find some representation at a competition near me!


Thanks for noticing this. This is part of the goal of Team REV and will be an every year thing/process. We know that being sponsored by one of the "FIRST companies "(REV, AM, IFI, CTRE, WCP) is a goal many teams want to achieve, we want to make this transparent and provide a pathway where teams that excel can stay, but that goal becomes achievable for any team in any year.

I’ll also post this here because I have gotten this question in a few private messages about using non REV products. REV is not going to limit or impose any restrictions on what products members of Team REV use. We would obviously prefer if you use our products, but for example if you are a team that uses Falcons instead of NEOs that would not disqualify you. We will take these things into consideration when choosing teams, but not every product we make is right for every team, and just because you choose to use something else doesn’t mean that you can’t be part of Team REV.

We already have a Team REV logo if you want to use it for your memes


How to identify chill suppliers:

I’m sure Andrew will appreciate the setup and make do soon.


This is great, but only allowing grants for teams who have already paid the registration fee will reduce participation. Our funding is such that we regularly pay that fee just before it’s due – requiring it to be in the bank right now means that the teams who most need funding probably can’t get it.

I thought that was just information for them. Do they truly not give the grant if the team hasn’t paid the registration yet? Even if said team is 100% sure they are going to participate?

This is what the website says:

So, they’ll take your application. But, if you don’t pay before they’re done distributing the sponsorships, then you’re out.

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My read of the instructions says it’s a necessary prerequisite to receive funding (and that’s reasonable to me, only supporting active teams).

I strongly suspect the “reasonable and chill” approach is only to use this as a deciding factor if there’s some vagueness about whether a team will actually be around. If you’ve got a solid application and a reasonable explanation (IE, “our funding doesn’t get granted till Oct.”), it would be in Rev’s best interest to continue to consider the application.


Pinging @Greg_Needel on this since we’re in a similar situation. We don’t have access to our funds until August when school starts. Does this make us (and other teams in our situation) ineligible?

Thanks for clarifying this


Thanks for making this clear

Timing-wise this works okay-ish for our FTC teams (though we don’t register all of them until we’re sure of our student count which can be after kickoff 9/10), but the FRC team has GM sponsorship for registration which doesn’t drop until like October or November.

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We will make some updates to the blog and FAQ, but no having already paid your registration will not prevent you from applying and being accepted, but we may hold back access to the grant funds until after participation in the upcoming season is confirmed.

I understand that timing of registration payments is different for many teams, but it is effectively the only way we know that you are actually going to participate this season. This has a much higher impact on FTC teams where the turn over is higher.

Our goal is to make this process as open and inclusive as possible.


Triple Helix is interested in this program, and we feel we’d be a good fit, due to the how-to videos we publish on our YouTube channel. The details of the program, however, seem a bit vague at this point. In the application there is mention of “a forthcoming Sponsorship Agreement Form that will outline program details”. Would it be possible to share some details of what exactly we’re signing up for?

My assumption is that this will just include some requirements that most sponsors have, such as the company in the team name on TIMS, visibility on team branding, as well as things like student surveys or submission of some basic budgets.


It will be a general Terms and condition contract. Similar to what Akash said, it will outline expectations of the teams. We are still finalizing this agreement, but generally it is our goal to make these things easily accessible and REV will not be asking for the world in return for this sponsorship.

I will note, that if there is anything in there that is not agreeable we will be happy to have a conversation about it, and if it doesn’t work out, we will offer your team’s spot to the next ranked team.


Given that may teams are school-based organizations and have to abide by the rules, terms, and especially laws and lawyers of the school - I’m hoping this contract is appropriately school-friendly. I’d hate for any accepted team to end up losing out because of the school attorney, process, or (more likely) time.


Cool post!

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When does Rev anticipate the decisions & announcement for these sponsorships will be made?


We will be sending on notifications to the teams accepted this week, with a public announcement to follow.