Appointment of new FIRST President!

FIRST now has a new President! Just a little while ago FIRST announced the next President will be Paul R. Gudonis!

Congrats to our new Prez and welcome to the crazy world of FIRST!!

it’s always great to have new people seeing the great things about FIRST and being apart of it. every one makes a difference here. :slight_smile:

I didn’t know we had a president.

El presidente es el número uno de largo vivo la revolución!
Congratulations Mr. president!

hmmm… ditto. Dean’s too busy for the job?

I thought I noticed white smoke signals coming from New Hampshire.

FIRST was really never Dean’s “job”, sure he leads it with vision and such, and got it off the ground, but he has DEKA and such. FIRST is looking for someone to lead it and for it to grow. While Dean is great and could never achieve the sucess it got without him, FIRST also needs different view points and ideas that Dean (or Woddie, or Dave) dosen’t have.

From what I read he is a great choice. I can’t wait to hear him speak and get a (hopeful) chance to meet him!

Copied from my ‘new thread’ announcing the new FIRST President -
“Thread deleted by Brandon Martus
Reason: David beat you by 30 minutes, Chris.”

This is really bad, for several reasons -

  1. I should have searched first. I looked at the next few threads, but not far enough.

  2. I am a moderator, and someone reported a duplicate post, and I received the email notifying me, again, of my error.

  3. David Kelly actually came to my desk and gloated about my lack of searching before posting.

  4. I had actually pasted the whole letter in my post, making it easier to read than having to follow a link (good for the lazy CD’ers out there.) David just made a link to it.

  5. And, what is the worst thing - I sent the letter to David to start with, and he had the nerve to post it before I could!

But anyway, welcome to the new President.


Ok, this will get lots of groans, but what does that make his wife?

FIRST First Lady? First^2 Lady?

We now return you to your regularly schedule thread, already in progress…

We’ll forgive you George. we know that Lockheed Martin building you work in has a lack of oxygen… :smiley:

…Oh, and welcome to our new President. While the announced title is different from “Executive Director” the main responsibility is still to lead all of FIRST. Best of luck to Paul R. Gudonis!

Welcome, Mr. Prez! Best of luck to ye!

(boy, i wonder if he knows what he’s getting himself into!)