Approaches, Episode 3 does

There is no emotion; there is peace.
There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.
There is no passion; there is serenity.
There is no death; there is the Force
There is no line; there is Fandango.

Just bought 8 tickets for me and a couple of team mates for the 12:01 am showing of Episode 3 on May 19th. Any other uber geeks out there flocking to buy the tickets now? Or are some of you heading out the door now to tailgate the movie?

And most importantly- what color lightsaber?

P.S. - Big Mike is the king of Star Wars. Down to the smallest details, he will pwn your socks.

I don’t see instant viewing happening for me, since that’s the week before finals, though I definitly plan to see it as soon as possible.

Nice thread :slight_smile:

The hardest part is trying to explain to teachers why you won’t be in the next day.

They weren’t too fond of the “researching cloning techniques” excuse I used last time.

And why is there no alabaster lightsaber? :mad:

You’re lucky I didn’t give the options of different lightsaber designs. We spent 2 hours coming up with unique designs on the way home from South Carolina.

Or you could just buy Jedi Academy since they have several types avaiable to use in the game :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhoo, I plan to go see it ASAP. Nothing better than seeing the final chapter of a great series (even though it really isn’t the final chapter >_>)

Definitely going to see it the first weekend. :slight_smile:

Now an interesting concept for you to chew on. In theory since a lightsaber is energy, the color you see is just the wavelength of light given off by the blade, well if you’re a creature that can see infrared/ultraviolet (can’t think of any right now), then why not use a crystal that focuses it into one of those colors. Human’s can’t see where it is, but you can fine!

That’s the week *after *my finals. :slight_smile:


ooooo i’m so excited! … i didnt think pink lightsabers were possible… o.o;

haha i’m such a geek, i had to buy a Star Wars esque shirt to wear while in line… it says:

Duct Tape is Like the Force.
It has a Light Side and a Dark Side
And it Holds the Universe Together.
when i first saw it i was literally like OMG MUST BUY THIS NOW!! lol thats the quickest spur of the moment shopping spree i’ve ever had… if you could call it a shopping spree.

I work in a toy store. We sell Legos.

The Starwars ep3 Legos are by far the best selling line we’ve ever had. Not only do the kits feature really cool vehicles (the arc starfighter is so spiffy) they use a large percentage of traditional bricks. The Harry potter series has always used very specialized bricks that cut down on the build time, but also cut down on the creativity and fun. All the Jedi have lightup lighsabers! I’m thrilled to see that Lego has teamed up with Starwars again to make some really cool toys.

If Lego sales are any indication of a movies success (they are), we are in for a very good movie.

-Andy A.

You guys see the Lego Star Wars Video Game? I bought it for my baby cousin for his birthday. His three most favorite things on earth are Star Wars, Xbox, and Legos, so the gift choice was natural. I give the game an A for creativity and an A + just for sheer cuteness.

I haven’t yet purchased my tickets, but i am however definately excited, i have been for a long time now. And it doesn’t help to work at target, with all the exclusive star wars merchandise they are selling.

They may be just rumors, but some NY movie theatres are saying they are sold out for the entire first day already.

Hey guys- what character are you most looking forward to? The dramatic revealing of Darth Sidius? Darth Vader masked? General Grievous (who has my vote after seeing him in the Clone Wars Mini-series)? His really cool bodyguards? The entrance of the Death Star? Chewbacca? Baby Luke?

yea i voted pink caz it ROCKS

Just got done watching all the episodes of the great Clone Wars series on Cartoon Network. I certainly hope the movie can match up to the macro series. So far it’s getting alot of great reviews on RT

Someone asked me why I bought 8 tickets ahead of time, own the micro series of Clone Wars, and know so much about Star Wars (but a fraction of that of my team mates.) Strangely, they couldn’t answer my question of why they watched 8 hours of pregame for a 1 hour football game with 3 hours of commercials.

The only one I’d ask is why’d you buy the macro series when you could’ve easily recorded it all on tape tonight for free.

My VCR records in black and white. Occasionally, through the moments of pure luck, the black pictures with CC text covering the neccessary details is joined by the brilliance that is audio.

Now??? Dude, I got my ticket a month ago :wink:

sigh A friend of mine came back from film school in LA… He then told me his friend’s mom, president of CNN Entertainment in LA, offered him an Episode III prescreening ticket but he had to decline cause he wanted to come back to Ithaca… FOOL! :frowning:

I’m psyched. This had better not be a disappointment. If anything, the Yoda fight scene and seeing Anakin without arms & legs should make up for any shortfalls.

I just purchased my pre-sale ticket today, I’ve been procrastinating on everything. I am not sure if they were available before I left for ISEF.