Approved Solenoid?

We have a solenoid on our robot for one piston and were wondering if it is an approved solenoid. Are there any specifications for solenoids? The picture is attached.
Please help.

There is not a list of approved solenoids. There are lots of rules about solenoids and pneumatic devices. R77 is the most applicable, but you need to comply with all of the rules.

You will need to have the specification sheet of the solenoid and convince the inspector that it meets all of the applicable rules. Saying “someone on chiefdelphi says this is legal” isn’t acceptable at inspection. If you have any specific questions about how to interpret the specifications, please post the spec sheet.

Just a little background on this valve:

I believe this was in the 2006 KoP, I recognize it from our box of valves. Model # from the 2006 KoP Checklist is 5728400410 (double check that your valve is the same). Mfr info can be found here:

There are grey plastic nuts that slip on the tube before it is pressed onto the barb fittings, then thread onto the casing - without these on all the tube connections you risk having a tube blow-off or get pulled off accidentally. I would be wary of using it without the nuts.

As Joe mentioned, it is up to you to have proof in the form of a spec sheet or other Mfr documentation to show the inspector that the part is legal.

No risk at all: There is no way they will stay on at all without the nuts.