April Fools Day

Isn’t it kind of wierd how April 1st, the last day of week 5 regionals is April Fools day?

Is FIRST trying to tell us something?

More competitions in the near Future?
Never ending Competitions?

Tomasz Bania

P.S. I won’t mind if this get’s moved to the rumor mill as it probably should be there anyhow.

I’m not really sure where you got that
More competitions in the near Future?
Never ending Competitions?

from the fact that it ended on April 1st.
could you elaborate? :]

Haha i dont really understand? Isnt there alot of copetetions already?


I doubt FIRST is going to pull anything, but the mc’s just might. Last year at the West Michigan Regional we were told that all the teams that had attended since the begining would get a pass into the finals, which of course fooled some people.

1293 has been competing on April Fools’ Day since its inception. Kills any chance of me being able to pull off any sort of prank on anyone…and nothing particularly shocking has happened to me that day, either.

When I said more competitions I ment like a week 6,7,and or 8.

I doubt FIRST will put in more weeks of competition. Just take a sec to think about that.

1.) Most of the robots will be either in Atlanta or back to the team by then.
2.) How are they going to get people to pay to got o a regional they just found out about.

FIRST has no sense of humor.

hats right then there will just be more complaints.

That is probably the best thing i’ve heard all day, I’m thinking about spotlighting that… nah…

Tomasz Bania

And as I said, It should be moved to the Rumor Mill.

Thanks Brandon :slight_smile:

Tomasz Bania

Well, they do have some sense of humor - they do specifically disallow gerbils as a power source … :wink:

And further note the Q&A here. :wink:

Well “usually” when it comes to the competition FIRST is all business so the message gets across of how serious they are about the whole thing. If they messed around and joked about the rules and such there would be confusion.
They usually let the teams provide the fun part and they just follow the beat.

So if you win a regional on april 1st, does that make you King of the Fools?

I would have never thought of it that way!
It’s kind of insulting if you would be the winner, wouldn’t it?