April Tag Detection With Webcam?

I see all of these guides on April tag detection with a raspberry pi and I was wondering if I could do the same with a webcam because let’s be honest you can’t buy a raspberry pi and my school won’t buy off of eBay. Thanks!

Can you buy from McMaster? Single-Board Computer, Raspberry Pi 4 B 2GB | McMaster-Carr

Regardless of camera, you need some sort of coprocessor but that could be the RoboRIO as well. See the Ri3D Redux video for more info or the WPILib documentation. Your performance will be pretty poor though.


this might work, thank you!

Yes, you can run AprilTag detection on the RoboRIO with a webcam. It won’t be as performant as a coprocessor, but it does work. See How to detect AprilTags in Java (using a logitech webcam). Sample code pls - #7 by Vyo

What is the best method of getting the pose data off of the coprocessor?
Ethernet to the router to get the data onto Network tables?

network tables is likely easier then USB