April Tag tuning in PhotonVision

Hi, I can’t change the target family tuning selection.
It looks like this:

I will be happy to any help.

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What version of Photon is this? Have you reloaded the web page?

yes I reloaded

You’ll want to update to the latest stable release of Photon – as of now, that’s 2023.1.2

I download the photonvision-v2023.1.2-winx64.jar to my computer after I wanted to upgrade the version from 5 beta.
after I downloaded the jar file it didn’t update in the photonvision Dashboard.
what should I do?

Download the.jar, do Java -jar [path to jar], and then open up the web dashboard. Might have to do a force refresh.

I merged your threads together. Please don’t start additional threads for the same issue, as there’s important context that is missed

From Gloworm Installation - PhotonVision Docs

If you are updating PhotonVision on a Gloworm/Limelight, download the LinuxArm64 .jar file.

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