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Hiii guys,

So I’’ trying to do a code for the swerve where the robot aligns to the April tag, and I am using a limelight and for example, to align in Y-axis I am using the A from the limelight, to align in X-axis, I am using the X from the limelight, but I don’t know what limelight parameter use for aligning the rotation. I don’t know if I made myself pretty clear, but I don’t know how to align the rotation of the robot, so if anyone could help me I would be so happy.

Here’s the code up to now:

Thank you very much

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The limelight has its own library for the April tags where you can get a direct translation to the April tag you are tracking as Translation2D. It includes both the x and y axis translations and the rotation(as Rotation2D but you can change it to radians or degrees).
You can find more information through this link: Tracking AprilTags — Limelight 1.0 documentation

Ohhh perfect, do you know where can I get the library?

For the library, you can use the link I provided above. As an extra, Limelight developers provided a class to making easy to use at the beginning of the year. For this season, we used it as a team and it worked well. For that class, you can look at this thread: Introducing Limelight Lib

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