AprilTagFields class stuck on 2022-Rapid React

I’m attempting to load the 2023 field for AprilTags into our team’s repo to help out with vision. However, when I try to load the .json file using the static method AprilTagFields.k2023ChargedUp.loadAprilTagLayoutField(); , the actual class itself is set to k2022RapidReact as the default field. This appears to be a placeholder for the actual AprilTagFields class, but I am unsure how to obtain the actual class to import. Any help with this is appreciated!

The contents of this file don’t match your description, which makes me think this is a project or artifact versioning problem:

Thanks, I appreciate it! Do you reccomend I rebuild my code under a newer version in gradle, or redownload WPILib altogether?

If you’re already using a 2023 version, bumping the version in build.gradle should be sufficient. If you run the latest WPILib installer, builds will work offline as well.

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