Arbitrary Feed Forward with Motion Arc Profile

Has anyone used arbitrary feed forward to provide left and right feed forward velocities when using the talon’s Motion Profile Arc ?
I saw a brief mention here .

We used the talon motion arc profile to run our profiles last year using vel/pos/angle of the robot center. This year we would like to provide
left and right vel/pos/angle while still taking advantage of the talon’s capabilites. Would setting vel = 0 and

arbFeedForward = Vleft + Vright 

auxArbFeedForward = Vleft - Vright

accomplish what I have in mind? The left side would get the sum of these two terms, or Vleft, as a feed forward and the right side would get the difference, or Vright. We would have to scale the Vleft and Vright to the talon’s expected +/-1 arbitrary feed forward range.

I have read discussion of not being able to do both right and left velocity with motion arc profile because the position and angle loops would fight each other, but I don’t see why that would be the case.

Well - we were finally able to answer our own question.

You can use the talon MotionArcProfile mode and provide separate left and right velocity feed forward terms. Specifying them using arbFeedForward and auxArbFeedForward worked very well.

We haven’t done detailed testing yet to determine if it’s significantly better than just specifying a single velocity, but it seems to be at least as good. That’s to come.

Also, a big thank you to CTRE for adding the buffered trajectory stream. That has made implementing MotionArcProfile much easier.