Arcade Buttons

So between competitions we are looking at upgrading our OI so things can be easier for our drivers. Has anyone been able to find reasonable push buttons in the shape and colors of the tubes (plus have led’s in the back??)? We are finding some pretty cheap ones but a quick search on Google shows that the companies aren’t too reliable.


We love the arcade buttons that we use with the cypress board on our manipulation control board. Ours don’t have LEDs behind them, but are available in all different colors (as is evident from our board). I don’t know off the top of my head where we ordered them from, but I can ask my mentor. He’s ordered from them many times before.

We get ours (arcade-style, but no LEDs) from a great guy outside of New Orleans named Bob Roberts that I have been buying from for over ten years: (“Happ microswitch pushbuttons”)

The downside is that he doesn’t take PayPal. He does stock them in red, white, blue and other colors for $1.25 each plus shipping, which is usually extremely reasonable. We have a total of 11 of them on our control panel connected via the Cypress board. All of the parts are included: the button and panel nut manufactured by Suzo-Happ and the microswitch (E-switch brand, which is close enough to Cherry for my tastes). The hole size for the panel is 1-1/8". I recommend using a spade bit to keep the cost low compared to an auger bit or twist drill. Wish I had a picture handy, but no such luck. We’ll be at Buckeye this weekend if anyone wants to have a look at how ours turned out.

SparkFun (very, very reliable) has many arcade-type buttons; here is an example.

Wait, you’re looking for lit buttons that are shaped like the tubes? You could get clear arcade buttons that red/yellow/blue/white and create the shape of the tube with hot glue on the top. That’d diffuse the light and (hopefully) make it glow!

Suzo-Happ is another supplier.

Some quick searching through both posted and known vendors resulted in this:

please post up a picture with your control panel when you complete the project.

Already mentioned several times, Suzo-Happ is probably the largest arcade supplier that you can buy parts from.

We used arcade buttons on our control board for many many years but our mentor always got them from a local supplier that doesn’t have an online presence. I did quite a bit of research into getting arcade parts when working on plans to build an arcade controller for the PS3 a while back, and these were the vendors most builders referenced as their reliable source:
JammaBoards -
Ultimarc -
Lizard Lick Amusements -
Suzo-Happ -

JammaBoards and Ultimarc were the choice for most since they tended to have faster response times than Suzo-Happ, who deals more with companies than individuals. Looking through their websites they both have translucent pushbuttons with a built in LED, which you could connect directly to power (one is 5V, the other 12V). Perusing the websites more could turn up others.