Arcade Drive AND motor-drive


How can I use the same two motors (at PWM1 and PWM2) with the Open-2motors and Arcade Drive vi’s in Teleop, as well as with the Motor-Open and Motor-SetOutput vi’s in autonomous?

I want to be able the command each motor independently in autonomous mode to increase distance/straight-line accuracy (aided by encoder feedback).
But in Teleop we have no need for the encoders, so I want to stick with the simple and easy-to-use ArcadeDrive vi.

Any suggestions?


I’d just use the tank drive VI (can’t remember the name – been 2 years since I did FRC LabVIEW – Tank Drive?) in autonomous. It functions exactly like 2 Motor-SetOutput VIs would.

While this is possible, using the Open Existing Motors version of Robot Drive, I don’t really think it is necessary. I think you want to use the encoders difference to set the X of the Arcade. Scaled and possibly using other control terms.

Greg Mckaskle