Arcade drive

I went into WPI robotics library
Third party
Talon SRX
I had to download these blocks

Maybe I’m just wrong, that seems like the right place.

Why are they giving you the little red arrows where you’ve connected the numbers (first photo)? Maybe the data type is off?

I don’t know why those red arrows are there that’s suppose to be for device number but I’m not exactly sure on where to get the device number from

Delete one of the blue numbers and wires you’ve put in, and try the single best piece of LabView advice I can give you

Right Click - Create Constant

It may come up with something different.

They are numeric constants

If not idk, I no longer have LabView access post-graduation

Did you put them there yourself though?

Or did you right click on the Talon block ports and then hit “create constant”?

Can you show us what’s inside

Your needs to also create Joystick 0, and save the reference. There should be some default Robot Project you can look at that shows how to do that.

This is in the beginning vi it was just out of frame

Have you set the Talon IDs via the Phoenix Tuner?

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Is that how you do those now?

We always used the web configuration thingy.

Still, one of them is zero, so it should run either way.

Yes, the Phoenix Tuner is new this year.

Also, if they were re-using Talons from previous years, there’s no guarantee that they have one set to 0.

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Oh good point!

What is the Phoenix Turner and where can I find that

It will either already be on your computer or it will be in the Phoenix Framework installer for this year that you haven’t installed yet. Here is the post from CTRE

I’ve got it installed and configured all our Talon but how to I transfer that to labview or what do I have to do to get the info from the tuner to labview

Do you mean like this?