Well they’re finally here…let’s show everyone what Archimedes has!

Let the discussion begin!

Go MOE!!!

But FIRST… I want an archemedes userbar! :]

Does anyone know where they’re hiding?

Looks like a great group of robots we have here… even a familiar face from eleminations alliances we’ve been in earlier this year… hello again 2048! :smiley:

And we’ll have the pleasure of hearing the famous OINK OINK BOOM!!! from 1908… We’ve got some hawiians… Canadians… Alooooha, eh? :wink:

I’m surprised to see we even have a good number of fellow IndianaFIRST teams.

Can’t wait to see you all there! GO TEAMS!!!



1124 is excited to be in Archimedes! Looks like we’ll be competing with some very good teams.

I’m going to call it right now. Archimedes is taking Einstein. Everyone else is going to be too focused on Galileo to notice the great alliance coming out of here…who’s with me?

AYE! :smiley:


p.s… where’s the userbars? :confused:


Old ones are here. There will probably be some new 08 ones soon.

222 is looking forward to Archimedes!:cool:

1598 is excited to be in Archi-medes !!!

And… guess who’s back this year? They may have moved from Newton to Archimedes, but the sea of maroon hasn’t been broken up: 177, 190, and 987 are all in Archimedes together.

1024, one of the two teams to take three regional wins this year, is also joining us in Archimedes.

236, six-time Regional Chairman’s Award Winner, who may just take the cake for the National Chairman’s Award this year, will also be in Archimedes.

1902 was on Einstein last year… will they be one of the teams representing Archimedes on Einstein this year?

Team 116 was awarded a long overdue Chairman’s Award this year at the last regional event of the season- perhaps they’ll represent Archimedes with the National Chairman’s Award this year?

And how could we forget 71; they’ve made a place for themselves in FIRST, and I’m sure they will on Archimedes.

Team 27 has also brought a lot of attention to themselves with some of their crazy Overdrive moves, and I’m sure they’ll bring a lot of fun to Archimedes.

Another notable team of the season is 555, who will also be joining us on Archimedes.

We’ve also got team 11 to keep us company on Archimedes; they’ve shown off their expert performance starting at week 1 in New Jersey.

Who thinks that Archimedes is in for the win?

Glad to be out of Newton for a change.

Being 1727 in Newton division is just a weird omen.

Whoever doesn’t think that Acrhie is stacked this year is lying to themselves.

I can’t wait.

Who is our emcee/announcer?

We were in Newton the past two years (the only two years we’ve gone), so we were kinda hoping for Newton just to continue the trend. But now that I see Archimedes… I think I like it more, anyway.

That hasn’t been decided yet (I don’t think)

Last year it was the energetic Mark Leon, and the legendary Don Knight.

But Blair hasn’t assigned divisions yet, because obviously the announcers/emcees want to be with their teams.

So as soon as we’re assigned I’ll let you know.

It was a bad omen for us cause Newton died in 1727.

So you can join us in Archimedes and we’ll have a fun time not dying. (-:

Heh, we never placed well in the past two years… with this omen lifted… who knows :smiley: