Archimedes 2012!

I didn’t even notice that Los Pollos Locos will be joining in on our fiesta! That means more Billfred!!! :slight_smile:

Also, you can find the official team listing for Archimedes on the FIRST website here.

Well, we’re dead. After seeding 19th at Oklahoma, and not having the strongest of robots this year, we’re dead. Will Michigan’s king 67 take the division? Or what about the island hopping Hawaiian Kids? With a strong performance at Lone Star, how can anyone compete against them? Though you could be the powerhouse from Atlanta who almost toppled the Kids. Yet still there is the Canadian dream team whose reputation proceeds them as “The best pair of robots in ALL of FIRST history,” as pronounced by Karthik? But on top of all of these major power players, there’s some come from the deep teams who could sneak up as the #1 seed…

At any rate, I can’t wait to see how this plays out and boy are there plenty of teams I’ll be picking the brains of.

Until then, don’t ball too hard, can’t wait to see who cuts the net.

I’m feeling excited. I only let my team know ~40 minutes ago, so I can’t speak for them. 1 week from today!! :smiley: :smiley:

2826 has 1 regional win and 1 regional finalist this year

We are also excited to be playing on this field, definitely going to be tough.

I see a lot of big name teams here… This division is certainly the “one to watch”.

I would also like to bring up another important point…



I think we won the Rutgers district event as first seed…

And, as everyone knows, we ALL need more Billfred!


Archimedes is stacked, end of story!!

2949 PWNAGE is extremely excited for Champs! 2nd year in a row on Archimedes. We’ve updated, improved, and practiced a lot since Midwest, and we’ll show some stuff here before Wednesday. We might have a new picture to add to the collection with all of our new gadgets.

edit: I forgot, here’s our robot from the beginning of week 4.


Overlooked again, I see. :wink:

Thanks again Travis. We hope to show our best at St. Louis this year for our 2nd consecutive trip and 3rd trip in the last 4 years. For those of you who didn’t get to see us in person we’ve got a video here for you all,

Its going to be a fun division with such great teams. Who isn’t excited to play with such great teams as 1114, 2056, 67, 973, and 359 (just to name a few).

We overlooked Wave last year, even though our scouting data told us not too. We ended up being eliminated by them.

We will not overlook them again.

Im so glad to get our programing complete and get away from the Curie Curse! :slight_smile: so ready for St. Louis.

So does anyone know who we snagged for our MC?

3081 here:

There are a few photos of 1014’s robot Mike here.

I still think Galileo 08 was the most stacked division in the history of champs. This year’s Archimedes looks to be top 5 or 10 though.