Archimedes, Curie, Galileo, Newton - Show Us Your Spirit!

Ok so, teams are talking about robots and alliances and seeding and all that good stuff - but let’s see if we can fill this thread up with some spirit from the 4 divisions.

Cheers, photos (reasonable sizes, not huge), more cheers, creativity, more cheers - are allowed. So is Inspiration - with a capital I.

Smack talk, bad mouthing, put downs, inappropriate stuff = no thank you, not welcome. You all know this but I’m saying it. RTOP’sP.

So let’s hear it! Altogether now - anda 1 anda 2 anda 3 - Go! :slight_smile:


P.S. Oh, and you have to finish the division cheer in the post above you, before you start your own - even if you are not in that division.



Hehe, for once I didn’t start it :smiley:

Who Team 116?

We Team 116!

Bahaha :smiley: I’m glad you knew!

We Team 116

We Team 116!!!



I remembered your post from the Atlanta spirit thread :slight_smile:


**Let’s Hear it for


Edit: Wow, this thread is moving fast!

LEO! :cool:

This thread is moving fast!

Alex, finish the division cheer - Curie needs some help in this area…

Go back and edit, guys… RTOP’sP…

Thank You!

I’m going to bed, someone help poor Gali -

Curie Division: It’s Nuclar (<- George Bush Jr. accent)


(watch the tacky stuff…)


Ah, my first ever division… I remember it fondly. Make me proud over there guys, lets see what FIRST is all about.

EDIT: While I was fact checking (and walking down memory lane) someone started another cheer…

Team 201 would like to grace you with our giant foam numbers :slight_smile:


oink oink