it’s going to be tons of fun just imagine this
plus this
just a warning some teams might want to bring ear plugs because there was a lot of complaining in 05 about us being too loud but there is no way i can keep everybody from cheering

To answer your question, and to indulge your interest…

that’s super amazing!
I can’t believe the whole alliance is here!
It’ll be awesome to play with you guys again :slight_smile:

Here is some info you may or may not find interesting. Just on some data mining i was doing.

4 - Regional Champ
100 - Regional Champ
125 - Regional Champ
175 - Regional Champ
179 - Regional Finalist
254 - Regional Champ (2x)
293 - Regional Champ
302 - Regional FInalist
337 - Regional Champ
342 - Regional Champ
354 - Regional Finalist
364 - Regional Finalist
386 - Regional FInalist
462 - Regional Champ
494 - Regional Champ , Regional Finalist
555 - Regional Champ
829 - Regional Champ
832 - Regional Champ
904 - Regional Champ
935 - Regional Champ
997 - Regional Champ (2x)
1013 - Regional Champ
1127 - Regional Champ
1216 - Regional Champ
1302 - Regional Champ
1458 - Regional Champ
1516 - Regional Champ
1533 - Regional Finalist
1713 - Regional Champ
1745 - Regional Champ
1824 - Regional Champ
1912 - Regional Champ
1997 - Regional Champ
2274 - Regional Champ

Sweet. I’m personally scare of the Poofs. It’s really nice that all our aliance team from Davis is in here with us. :smiley:

a lot of my favorite teams in one spot? oh my. i feel a little overwhelmed…

:smiley: see you all soon!

What might be helpful is if every team were to place pics of their robot on this thread for pre-scouting purposes. I know teams like mine, 1403, don’t have too many people going so every bit helps. Try to pick photos that allow for a good view of the robot. I’ll start!

Team 1403:

1598 is looking forward to it. We have made chamges to the “talons” to speed things up. Great drivetrain. Can reach high, climb, and push.

To toot my teams horn
Team 1501 - Second seeded at Boilermaker. Lifted for 435 points.

For Scouting Team 354

RIT Regional Finalist & NYC Regional Champ

Shameless Self Promotion

Team 66

Great Lakes: 0-7-1 :frowning:

Buckeye: 6-2-0 :slight_smile: Went to Semis Only to be Shut Down by the better of 2 equals - Delphi ELITE 48 and their alliance - With their better ramps and better drive.

Champs: who knows :rolleyes:, I stay optimistic.

Other than that, it is really cool to see RUSH, BEAST, and Martians are landing on the same field this year. Makes me feel REAL comfortable.


This is a personal message to 3 certain teams that I have admired my entire FIRST career… TEAMs 71, 254, and 494

I have watched you guys since I was a little frosh back in high school. I have dreamed to play with you, or even against you. In my 6+ years in FIRST, never once has my team competed with/against any one of you. I hope this year is the year (and were preferably on the same alliance) ;)… if not, so be it, we’ll give you our best shot!

here is a link for ones that would like to some of 1501’s lifting!!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hey, for everyone that knows about the Davis Quarter finals match that went for a whopin 5 Rounds against a number 1 seed!

there alliance captian 1662 is there…

Im bringing my 100 hat, just incase were with 100 or 997 again. that would make me happy.


We had a great run together in 2001 resulting in a national championship.

Brian Beatty

Team RUSH does

Sounds an awful lot like the Midwest Regional finals matches - #7 seed against #1 seed. Except that the caption (111) is in Newton.

BTW, anything to say here other than “we’re gonna rock nats!”?


I am looking forward to seeing 175 in action. I thoroughly enjoy watching them play because you can count on them putting on a great show. I know Buzz has been on the Einstein field before and I am willing to bet they’ll put up a fight for another chance.

From what I understand team 71 is a force to watch out for. I haven’t personally seen them in action, but I’ve heard great things… I mean comon’ its Hammond.:slight_smile:

Team 254… the CHEESY POOFS! This is one team everyone strives to be like. A regional win every year I believe? Their bot is extremely quick this year and if left alone they can be devastating.

Team 233, Think Pink has always been great. When I heard they were rebuilding their 2005 robot, I knew they started the formula for another dominating robot. They had their issues this year, but I think they straightened them out now. I wouldn’t be surprised if they start putting up 7+ a match consistently.

Team 179, Swamp Thing is a quick scorer. If by some really slim chance that they fall to the 2nd round and get with 2 other great scorers, Archimedes will have the Championship event in the bag.

Team 125, Nutrons. Another great robot that can certainly deliver. I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up in the top eight.

Team 494, the Martians. I have heard great things about their robot and I’ll be watching out for them in qualifying rounds.

Just once I want to be under the radar.