Archimedes Pictures

Team 25 has put together a database of pictures from most of the teams in Archimedes. You can find it at Originally it used as a way for our drivers to preview the robots that we were to work with and go against before a match, but I converted it into an easier way for teams to scout for pictures.

Currently we are missing 17 teams. They are teams 22, 28, 41, 120, 125, 135, 228, 314, 456, 457, 588, 606, 859, 862, 865, 868, 888, and 894.

If you are one of these teams and would like your picture added, or change a picture of your robot that is already there, email me at [email protected].

Here are some…





(i’ll find more:) EDIT: maybe )

I’m attempting to do the same thing for Curie,
However the teams i can’t find are
138, 140, 141, 148, 246,335, 352, 358, 496, 644,652,662,668,694, 932,940,942

Does anyone have pictures of these bots?

Team 151 The wildcards
QuaterFinalist UTC

Here are all the pics I compiled, look in there:

two pictures of 862 and others: and

and a picture of 456 and others:

Mas vale tarde que nunca.

Team 41