Archimedes Videos

So our team is making a promotional video, and while we have our own footage from championships this year, we would like to include some webcast footage as well. Problem is it appears the blue alliance does not have much for videos for archimedes…anyone know where to find these or does anyone have these?? thanks in advance

brando is the replacement of the old SOAP site for 2007.

The 2007 videos are organized by event. Be advised that some may be in odd formats such as .m4v.

The new site is missing all the qualification matches, and the eliminations are jumbled.

NASA has done a better job of archiving the eliminations:

But If I remember correctly you guys didn’t get picked :frowning: (Which didn’t make sense).

The NASA page says there was a Finals 3, which I am pretty sure there wasn’t based on TBA’s data and SOAP’s matches.

I think SOAP had lots of problem with the video they recorded at worlds being corrupt, and Archimedes was affected by this :frowning: .

Yep you are correct…for some reason we didn’t get picked
we felt we deserved a spot, but for some reason we were overlooked

anyways…im guessing no one knows if the qualifications are archvied somewhere