Arduino Leonardo Recognized as Joystick

Hey, I’m on the second year team, the Atomic Dragons (3929). I’m on the programming team and don’t have much experience. I was wondering if anyone else was working on an Arduino Leonardo board? If so, how do you get the FRC driver station to recognize it as a joystick?

I am planning on having us try the Leonardo out this year instead of the Cypress board. It arrived this morning, so I haven’t tried it yet. There are some decent resources on the web available, and I’ll dig up what I found later tonight. Once we get it going I’ll post some info here.

In short, you need a descriptor for your ‘joystick’ so you can describe the buttons etc that you are going to have, and then from your Arduino code, write your values to the computer as a report of the joystick state. Again, some resources where people have done this is helpful, and I will post some later.

Keep in mind having it show up as a joystick is not the same as how the Cypress board showed up in the Driver Station software, as far as I know.

The error had a simple solution. We just had to go to Tools, then Serial Port, and select COM5. Once there was a check mark next to COM5, the Arduino Leonardo showed up on the Driver Station as a joystick.:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: