Arduino Nano

Do you need a beardboard for the nano on an FRC bot?

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No you don’t. You can just solder wires into the ports, if you want.

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It seems as I watch the video on it and soldering it, that the soldering iron melts the nano a tad. Is that normal?

That probably is normal, as the heat from the iron, or solder, will cause it to melt no matter what.

i have to connect a NeoPixel to the arduino but I’m not entirely sure on how. Do I need a breadboard for it or can it be done without said board?

Neopixels have a 3 wires to connect:
Power is +5V. It’s available from one of the Nano’s header pins.
Ground is also available from the Nano.
The Neopixel DI pin (data in) usually connects to the Nano’s D6 pin for most of the sample code I’ve seen.

A breadboard may make the connection easier to make and undo, but would be less robust than soldering directly to the arduino itself.

Regardless, that’s just the physical connection method. For proper operation, all that matters is that the neo pixel wires are electrically connected to the proper pads on the arduino.

I was told to solder the pins on the top of the nano does that interfere?

Top or bottom doesn’t matter. All those little holes along the edge connect both sides together. The Nano clone I have sitting in front of me only labels the signals on the top side.

Thank you! this is the first year i believe we’re doing this so I’m running around a little blindly

This is what we use to drive our Neopixels:

We use more Nano clones than Micros, though.


Do be careful soldering, both for safety and for not-destroying-the-board purposes.

If you haven’t done it before, practice on big wires first to get the knack for how the solder flows. There’s lots of youtube videos that show proper technique, but it’s even better if you can find someone experienced to demonstrate it.

Once you move to the board, be patient, but be quick. I’d be nervous about holding the iron to the board for more than 5 seconds. Be careful not to touch other components on the board with a hot iron.

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Nice board!

The Nano has these nice little pins that are meant for interfacing. They are meant to mate with standard products that are available everywhere. Please be advised that when you are done, the assy needs to be insulated, there are nice plastic boxes that are avilable for this purpose or any other way to prevent metal from contacting pins on the board. Soldering to this device is not for the novice soldering electrical team member. A mistake can render the board recyclable.