Arduino - Roborio Connection with USB

We’re rookie team and we have some problems with arduino connection so we want to connect arduino to roborio on USB Serial Port.

How can we use I2C protocol with USB usage?

What problems are you necessarily having?

You normally use usb for straight serial communication. You could use an implementation of i2c on top of that but it’s not necessary.

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we simply tried to write some random values from arduino to roborio but when we used the i2c ports it didn’t work

Do you have any examples of the code you are using and have you verified the block of code that you wrote is running?

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If you can show the code as other mentioned we can provide better info. Our team has done i2c, serial and digital I/o bit banging. All 3 methods work, but the i2c was the most confusing to use as the back and forth to the RIO for the students to make work.

This video helped me.

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