Arduino Uno R4

Just saw this about the new Arduino Uno R4

Love the USB-C and Arm M4, the choice of led matrix is questionable to me and I would of loved if each model was like $5 cheaper, but what I thought was really interesting is the inclusion of a CAN bus on the Arm.

Anyone have any neat FRC ideas for using this hooked up to CAN?


These look really cool. The faster processor and the 12-bit DAC are going to be really useful for a couple of (non-robotics) projects I’m working on right now.

It looks like there are two versions of this board - one without wifi or the LED matrix. IIRC, the original Arduino Uno was about this expensive when it was first released, so these prices should come down over time.


Loads of them out there. Lots of STM32 parts. These look like they still need a transceiver so it won’t be quite as simple as plug and go with a yellow and green wire.