Arduino with Solenoid

Hi, I’m trying to get a solenoid to run off of an arduino. We have a shield that allows us to output 10-12v. Can the festo VUVG solenoids work on this, if so, how?

Do you have a link to the specifications of the shield you are using?

The valves should be able to work off that voltage as long as you have a 12V solenoid and the shield can output approximately 83mA.

Usually you just hook wires up such that of the two pins on the solenoid, one is attached the the 12V source and the other is attached to ground or return for that source.

The Festo solenoids that came in the Kit required 24v.
The coils on the solenoid should be marked with a voltage rating.

That is what I seem to have heard, but the solenoid says 12/24v on the side, is this just the indicator?

Please provide the Festo part number and the shield you are using. This will help the community help you.

The valve is the festo VUVG-L10-B52-T-M7-1P3.
The arduino shield is the Sparkfun ardumoto. I have read its output as 10 to 11.5 volts.
I cannot seem to get a reading in the amperage though the website says it can supply up to 2 amps.
The arduino adapter is actually a netter power source that can provide up to 1.5a and 12v. The shield gets its power from the vin port.

Can you use a relay shield and make them work that way?

Have the arduino output to a transistor. Have 24v Source->solenoid->transistor->gnd.

Bad news. If your part number is correct that is a 24V solenoid.

Have you added a relay to this motor controller shield?

To make the solenoid work, all you need is a transistor or relay and a 24V source. You are going to use a low voltage (5V) digital pin of the Arduino board to switch on a higher voltage (24V source from a battery or power supply). The transistor/relay is going to allow the 24V circuit to close and complete the circuit on the solenoid when the low voltage from the Arduino is applied.

Can you provide a photo of your setup?

The KOP solenoid with 12/24V works with 24V only. We have tried to operate at 12V, you see the red light activated and feeble click but it did not operate. Last season we were short of one solenoid, so we had to switch to 24V.

Thanks for your help. I do not have time to purchase the power source. Over the last night we realized that we might use the power converter in the 2014 KOP operate the solenoid. Would this work?

24VDC is 24VDC. You can get it with 16 AA or 2 12V drill batteries in series. You only need to make sure the power source can provide the current required by the solenoid.

Here’s an example I found. Substitute the 230V with any voltage you need to drive the switched circuit. Note the relays have a maximum current and voltage rating and will work with voltages and currents in that range. Hopefully that helps understand the wiring using a relay. You can Google how to use a transistor as well.

You have also not answered the question whether you have a transistor or relay to trigger the solenoid on the 24V circuit. The shield you identified is for PWM DC motor control using the L298. Are you running it at 100% duty cycle in your code?

I have access to relays, but is it possible to use that power converter?

The square silver 12V to 5V converter? No, that will not help.

What if I put it in reverse (5v to 12v)

It’s a step-down regulator meant to convert the 12V to 5V, not the other way around.

It sounds like you have everything you need if the relay can be triggered by a 5V source.

Here is an example schematic. Scroll down to the Arduino + 24V on relay.