Are 1114, 217, and 148 beatable?

We’ve seen them each win regionals, and together win the championship event. There is no question that they are a GREAT alliance. But are they the best? Is there an alliance that could beat 1114, 217, and 148? Or not?
What do you think?

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Nobody is unbeatable. I don’t even have to look at their bots to tell you yes. They are beatable. Now the question is, are they going to be beat? don’t know. Just going to wait and see.

They did lose a semifinal match on Einstein, as I recall. So they are beatable. The question is, is it possible to beat them twice with the same alliance?

In terms of mechanical ability Simbotics was no better then other top scoring robots (1024 comes to mind). Where 1114, 217, and 148 really shine is in there drivers which did an amazing job.

Unbeatable… no, you just better bring all you have to the table when playing against them.

Don’t forget to stock up on luck. You’ll need some of that too.

Where these 3 teams shine (and others as well), is in the amazing pool of dedication and experience of the coaches working tirelessly with the drivers and the drivers being receptive to them and to the demands of the challenge. It showcases the FRC robotics competition at its best in what can be achieved and in commitment. And that is just on the field…:slight_smile:

Ya, you need some of that too. :smiley:

A great drive team is like a family, they share a brain. You don’t even need to talk to each other to know what each other is thinking. The only way to get this is by TONS of practice and just having a great time with each other. Pick your drive teams early and practice practice practice and when you get tired of practicing well practice more. :stuck_out_tongue:

They are beatable. Everyone is beatable. It wouldn’t be easy, but there are scorers that are close enough with 217 and 1114 to keep it close and although I was extremely impressed with 148’s defense on Galileo (I think), I was less impressed on Einstien, even though their defense was still admirable. Also, even though no one wants this, I saw 148 break down on Galileo, and miss an entire match, that 217 and 1114 won by themselves, and 217 broke a couple times and fell over.

I’d be interested to see an alliance of Speed Racer, (1519’s alternate configuration,) with two top of the line scorers against that alliance. Speed racer has gotten 7 or 8 lines in auto at an offseason event with 10+ laps and up to 13 or 14 I think in teleoperated. I know they contributed 56 pts towards their alliance score in one match. I would be very interested to see if that would offset their defensive inefficiency because it would allow 1114 and 217 to score unimpeded, but even with defensive pressure, both robots scored a great deal.

If there is a defensive robot on the opposing alliance, I would have to suggest they focus mainly on defending 217. I thought that 1114 was in a class of its own in how fast and effectively they accuired the ball and were much more difficult to defend, while 217 could be defended much easier. I would love to see them find their way onto the same alliance at IRI, even though I won’t be able to see it in person.

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I think you mean 148, 118 is the Robonauts.

Looking back on this year, I think a combination of 67, 968, and a working 27 could possibly take them hurdling wise… It would still be close though. This is why we have IRI. :slight_smile:

Tie their score in hybrid and you have a chance. Hybrid was a huge part in why these teams did so well. When you look up and have to make up 30-50 points against 3 teams that score non-stop, its tough.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say this again, you CAN NOT declare any FIRST robot or alliance the best or unbeatable unless they have competed against every other robot and/or alliance combination and it won’t happen there are just too many teams and too many unknowns, like luck good or bad it plays a part in every competition.

Yes they have lost but they have also won with one robot sitting out and another tipped over those could both be chalked up to luck. No alliance is perfect some might be closer than others but each can still have its flaws.

You are right they were beaten however, the first semifinal match 1114, 217 and 148 played on Einstein I believe 217 was tipped over. I know that winning with the other team tipped over is still legitimate.

I think that the last semifinal match on Einstein that 1114, 217 and 148 played was a better indication that they are beatable. I beleive 968 missed a premature hurdle and had to turn around to recover, later in the match they shot the ball out of the playing field. In that match I beleive 60 had two breaking the plane penalties as well. Without these mistakes 968 233 and 60 would have advanced to the finals. I know staying mistake free is part of being a good competitor, but I can definitely see 968, 233, and 60 beating 1114, 217 and 148. (obviously not every time though)

Wups. Yes I do. I especially shouldn’t have made that mistake because our team competed on Curie with the Robonauts this year.

One quick thing 968, 233, and 60 beat 1114, 217, 148 the first two matches. They lost one of those 2 matches because of i think a 50 point penalty. i honestly thought that 968, 233, and 60 were going to win it all.

Technically speaking, they are unbeatable, because the 3 will have no more opportunities to pair up :wink:

I could see an alliance of 1519’s Speed Racer, 968, and 987 possibly beating the 1114, 217, 148 alliance. They would get two balls and 17 lines in hybrid (84 points!). They have two of the best hurdlers and the best lap bot.

From what I saw of the 2008 season, I don’t think that any alliance could realistically form in competition that could beat 1114/217/148 at full strength. The key there is at full strength. Robots tip, robots break–we saw it on Einstein. If one of them threw a chain, or broke a gripper, or got tangled in the overpass, or got tapped just right to stare at the ceiling, all bets are off. (Show of hands, who thought that 342/343/393/804 was going to win Palmetto?)

Three amazing hurdlers wouldn’t be better than two amazing hurdlers.

Just thought I should throw that out. :rolleyes:

As far as an alliance to beat 1114 and 217?

I’d probably go with 39 and 968/254. I wouldn’t have any problems putting 987 on a list of teams that could beat The Simchickens, either.

If anyone remembers this match:

I think the key is to have two robots with decent hybrid grab and hold the balls from 1114, 217 and 148’s alliance. I believe this will result in 20 points of penalty. Then have a great scoring team try to make up that 20 point deficeit using the 2 balls availible.

Not a nice way to win, but I think it can be done this way.