Are 12v AutoLoc Linear Actuators legal?


My team has bought a 12v AutoLoc Linear actuator. Before we officially decide to mount onto the 'bot, is it even legal? We had our mentors and students go through the rules to double, and even triple check and found absolutely nothing. Does this mean it is legal? We want to make sure we don’t go in the day of the competition and get told during inspection that our robot is legal because of the actuator.


Does it have an approved motor motor? If not you would have to remove the motor in it and substitute a legal motor.

Looking at the Autoloc website, the actuator appears to include an electric motor. Is the motor one of those that are permitted by 2013 FRC rules?

I will be quite honest, I have no idea on whether this motor is part of the 2013 FRC rules. I have included a link to the actual actuator itself:

Rule R32 states that only the motors and actuators listed in Table 4-1 are permitted. I would therefore conclude that this actuator would not be legal.

Acknowledged, thank you.