are bungee cords allowed?

[FONT=“Fixedsys”]I have a question are bungee cords allowed in first this year because I haven’t seen it in the rules. can anyone help me[/FONT]

If you’ve read the rules and didn’t see any prohibition on bungee cords, then it would appear they are allowed. Of course, there are still rules on general safety, so the answer may depend on how you install and use the bungee cords.

thanks dude for the help so much.

Team supplied rope specifications:

I04. D. consist entirely of flexible, non-metallic fibers sewn, twisted, tied, woven, knitted, crocheted,
intertwined, or braided together except for the last 4 in. (~10 cm) of any cut end (E) which may be
whipped (with material that is flexible and non-metallic) or fused only to prevent fraying.

I assume bungee cords are ok but, I’m pretty sure you’d have to remove those metal/plastic hooks from the ends if you’re talking about this type of bungee cord- .

I04 only applies if you’re bringing the bungee cord as your team supplied rope to climb. If you want to use it for any other capacity on your robot, you’ll probably be OK. I’ve seen team use bungee cords to strap in their batteries - not that I’d recommend that - but, I’ve seen it done.

If the bungee cord is under tension, then it will be inspected thoroughly as a potential hazard. It is up to the robot inspector as to whether or not its application is safe. Make sure you point it out to them. They might have you surround the bungee cord with rigid shielding so that in case it breaks it will not go flying everywhere. Also, comic sans? Really?

I have seen teams use bungee cords as a makeshift shield to prevent game pieces from getting lodged in the robot. They seem to work fine, just not as clean as a shield made of 1/16 polycarb.

When the bungee cord is slacked, it must remain in the robot dimension. The cord will be pulled in every direction for this, because it might actually move there during the match.