Are coaches allowed to bring a clipboard or even a tablet running an app with them to the match?

I cant seem to find any rule specifically stating it, if anyone can clarify that would be awesome! I would be running a custom built app. Thanks!

H303 will be a rule you’ll want to look into.

I dont think R905 will apply to what you’re trying to do.

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That’s correct. I was actually discussing something similar with a team at a scrimmage earlier.

This would be allowed under H303E. However, that does trigger a list of requirements–no communication with either the Technician or people outside the Arena, no connection or attachment to the Operator Console or other members of the drive team/alliance, no enabled wireless communication.

Clipboards are common in California, and generally they are all you will need.

Teams often laminate checklists, diagrams, or field layouts, and then write over them with dry-erase markers during each match.


The wording is a little ambiguous, but multiple coaches can communicate with wired strategy devices, per Q&A 88 and Q&A 89.

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There’s a few nuances to that.

  1. Note that H303_I states that the devices cannot connect or attach to the Operator Console, Field, or Arena.
  2. Note that H303_II states that the devices cannot connect or attach to other members of the Alliance unless they’re PPE.

Translation: Handheld devices–I’ll buy the argument that it’s actually 1 big device if they’re all wired together, too.

  1. Per both H303 AND Q88, a wired device of this sort could be considered a safety hazard (tripping, mainly)–if it is a safety hazard, that overrides everything else and renders the device illegal.
  2. Q88 specifically flags H301 (and, I would argue, H312, which was added after TU#5 and Q88) as “watch out for this”–the implication being that if it takes too long to set up or clear out, to the point of causing delays, you’ll need to no longer use it.

Translation: Make sure the wires are out of the way, but not so far that you have to do major surgery to get them back out after the match.

As long as those conditions are met, there’s nothing prohibiting the use of such a device. If ONE of those conditions is no longer met for some reason, the penalties begin to kick in.


Last year we came up with a new clipboard for the drive coach. A typical whiteboard (classroom set of 8.5x11 whiteboards is cheap!) laser engraved with a pre-match checklist and the field layout. Great for strategy, great for keeping organized! Last year’s is below, with sharpie annotations on the checklist for changes for this year’s robot (I own the laser engraver we use for it, so the drive coach made the annotations at week-0 and I took it with me after that… this year’s is packed away in our shop already!)


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