Are components allowed to overhang the bumber

i’m making an intake where a “shovel” mechanism drops down to the ground to scoop items up. can it go over the bumpers and touch the ground?

It needs to start inside the Frame Perimeter (inside face of the bumper), and it needs to be less than 48" outside the Frame Perimeter and no wider than the side of the robot it goes over.

Oh, and not damage the field, and you’re responsible if it gets into someone else’s robot/it gets damaged by someone while it’s out/you cut through your opponent’s zones with it out.

Beyond that, have at it.
Rules in question: G107, G109, R102, R105, R202, R203, R206. To a lesser extent, G108, G204/205, G301.


They must start inside the robot frame parameter. They cannot extend more than 48" and you cannot extend outside frame in another alliances protected zone. I believe that is all of them

Relevant Rules:

  • R102 - At start, the whole robot needs to be entirely within the frame perimeter
  • R105 - Can’t extend past 48"
  • G108 - Can’t be extended when inside the opponents Loading or Community Zone.
  • G204 - Cant have extension touch inside another robots frame perimeter

As long as you follow those rules, is what you are asking legal?

(LRI has final say, but answer is almost certainly yes)

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