Are Cones are already overrated?

To answer this short: of course.

Have you seen the cute purple cubes? There has been so many people discussing how to better their robots for cones, even memes suggesting the game is only about cones, but what about cubes? They may be different, they may be bouncier, but there are less of them. Being part of a neuro-minority is like being a cube, there is less of us and we require different conditions than a cone. You and I deserve to be equal as cones or cubes. Love the cubes in your team, competition, life too. We are looking for acceptance and avocation.

If you wish to help make FIRST comfortable to all. Contact us via email, chief delphi, or discord.
And of course apply to become an admin, representative, or partner team if you can.
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They’re just different. Cross it off the list of playing pieces bingo. And they most likely are more robust than the “cubes” so they got that going for them too.


I think its mostly that the cubes are seemingly really easy and cones are difficult so they are getting the most discussion. many if not most teams will try to do both


For sure, they seem slightly elastic like beach balls, having the ability to bounce back.

I think its more that teams have dealt with cubes many times over the years so its a fairly simply thing for most teams and most pople haven’t had to pick up a cone.

Also the cube has 6 identical sides so it only has a few possible orientations to be picked up in or scored in but the cone has many different orientations to be picked up in with various challenges for each but only “one” orientation it can be scored in.


With the rules you COULD put the cones upside-down in a hybrid node.

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For Top and Middle Rows, you need twice as many cones as cubes to get a link, and there are twice as many scoring spots for cones.

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