Are detachable bumpers necessary?

Do the bumpers need to be detached (for the inspection process) or can they be fixed? I know about color switching and that’s not a huge issue for us, but what’s necessary is questioning whether we need to remove the plywood during the inspection process, when they’re weighing the robot. Please respond swiftly.

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They need to be weighed separately, which require the bumper to be removed at least that one time.

Even if they are reversible bumpers

yes the wood is part of the bumper assembly and needs to be removed with it.


Yes, and no.

In theory, if your bumpers are not detachable, there are ways around it (such as measuring the Frame Perimeter). If you have reversible bumpers, then changing your color between matches should not be a problem.

One area that will be a problem is weighing your robot. If your bumpers are not detachable, then they would have a presumed weight of 0 pounds, and your robot WITH bumpers must meet the 120 pound weight limit.

One possible solution:

Go to weigh in with your bumpers off. They will get your weight and frame perimeter at that time. Put your bumpers on for your inspection. I don’t think the RI’s need to ask you to take your bumpers off for inspection. The inspection checklist does not ask the RI’s to verify how fast you can remove/attach bumpers. It does ask that RI’s verify that it can display red/blue. If you have reversible bumpers, then that would be an easy question. If you don’t, then you will have to demonstrate that you can change colors relatively quickly.

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Seems pretty clear.

This. If you can’t remove your bumpers fairly quickly, you can expect some suggestions from your Robot Inspector on how to make the removal faster.

The point of quickly removable bumper is to allow fast turn around between matches. If you can change colors without removing the bumpers then there is flexibility on how fast you can take off your bumpers, but they do need to be readily removable. You will be expected to weigh the robot separately from the bumpers during inspection and possibly during re-inspection.

On top of what has already been mentioned, please consider how your robot will fit through doorways with bumpers on. There are multiple events (especially districts) where you will have to fit through a regular door. There may also be post season impacts if you’re using your robot for demos. Being able to pull your bumpers off isn’t only legally required, you may want to be able to do it quickly and easily for transportation.