Are Fans Pneumatic Devices?

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Is 4060’s Hook Deployment Mechanism Illegal?

**Please try to present opinions with rules from the 2016 FRC Game Manual ** (Preferably in American English?)


I’m all for it I don’t see anything at all in the rules that would hint at it being illegal in anyway, and on top of it passed inspection once and will most likely pass inspection again if it goes to another event. A+ for the creativity aspect to it

Passing inspection at one place doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll pass again. You’d be surprised at what slips through the cracks.

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I wonder if our prototype mechanism for opening the sally port would have been considered a pneumatic device?

That’s a pretty crappy pneumatic device.

Are 775’s Pneumatic Devices?

Their fans move air!

Look, a bunch of pneumatic devices showed up to this concert!


You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to notmattlythgoe again.

Using some of the definitions in the other thread, every robot on the field uses a pneumatic device to get around: the drive train (hereafter known as “device”). It sounds crazy, but hear me out!

Motors propel the device in such a way to create a high-pressure side and a low pressure side, wherein air on the high pressure side imparts a non-trivial force onto the robot and the surrounding objects. Conversely, high-speed robots can use this device to intentionally create a higher-than-normal pressure situation on the leading edge of the device, which could then be used as an interference mechanism for any lightweight objects nearby - objects comprising of but not limited to:

  • 4060’s latching mechanism *]Paper airplanes on Einstein *]The hair that belongs to referees


Is this a pneumatic device?

As I recall, if your pneumatic systems remain under a certain pressure you don’t need any lisence or regulation for safety (for things like baloons or other similar low pressure things, I forget the specific threshold and may be wrong). These baloons are therefore legal as they meet all relevant safety standards. Using fans might not be so legal because it can surely pump more than 1.10CFM and would therefore be an illegal compressor.

This is also the first year pneumatic tires have been “legal” without the rest of the pneumatic control system, as there is now a specific exemption. No one cared in previous years despite being illegal by the rigid, literal interpretation of the rules. W tread Versawheels are illegal per R6 but noone will call that either.

There are likely other ways to interpret the rules that will shift “legality” one way or the other. Regardless, I can’t imagine an inspector calling any team out on this particular system.

Specific exemptions for pneumatic wheels have been listed in the rules before. Off the top of my head, they were in 2012, but also other years.

So you’re saying we can make the hovervan? Please tell me we can make the hovervan.

We can make the Hover Van.

You kid… Hmm. What is the theoretical maximum force that high-strength propellers can impart within a 30"x30" frame? Would probably be 12" propellers for a competitive robot, given the probable frame needs. Was never very good with fluid dynamics. I wonder if they could lift 20 lbs up about 30 inches in 10 seconds using our battery.

Then we would add a shell in the shape of a van to the top of the device. And yes, you would get your hovervan, paint job and all :smiley:


W tread Versawheels are illegal per R6 but noone will call that either.

I don’t follow?