Are human players allowed to attempt to score cargo by throwing it during teleop?

In section 6.2 Auton of the game manual, it says:

The first phase of each MATCH is called Autonomous (AUTO) and consists of the first 15 seconds.
During AUTO, ROBOTS operate without any DRIVE TEAM control or input. ROBOTS attempt to TAXI from
the TARMAC, score CARGO in the HUB, and retrieve additional CARGO from around the FIELD. HUMAN
PLAYERS attempt to score their CARGO in the HUB.

In section 6.3 Teleop, it says:

The second phase of each MATCH is called the Teleoperated Period (TELEOP) and consists of the
remaining 2 minutes and 15 seconds (2:15). During this phase, DRIVERS remotely operate ROBOTS to
retrieve and score their CARGO in the HUB and engage with their HANGAR.

Section 6.3 does not mention the human player scoring, but it also doesn’t explicitly say they’re not allowed to

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Humans are not allowed to score during telep. Only autonomous.


The rule you’re looking for is H504, which says that during TELEOP one must only enter CARGO into the field through the GUARD.

There’s no rule preventing human players from attempting to score CARGO directly, as long as they’re shoving it through the GUARD to do so. I tend to doubt that it’d be a very effective strategy, though.


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