Are OscarEyes a good alternative to Limelight?

I brought up to my mentors earlier today the use of OscarEye instead of Limelight since it is far too expensive for us and as of now were using a raspberry pi with a ring of green LEDs. I’ve heard some people talking about how its a great alternative and wanted to see if anyone had some insight into this new hardware.


Sure, seems viable.

They’ll be viable if they ever release…

the orders are supposed to be fulfilled this weekend




I’d say so, especially if your team has trouble affording a Limelight. Fair play, I am also one of the OscarEye creators.

We would have liked to release these sooner, but we had QC issues and needed to switch suppliers for our boards. As soon as we’re ready to start filling orders, more information will be available regarding buying a kit and the total release of the design. That’s why I’ve held off on posting much about these on CD so far.

If you have questions, I’d encourage you to email us at and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. The best way to get immediate updates on when the release will be is to sign up for emails on But like I said, I will be making a full post on CD when the kits are live, describing exactly what the system is capable of and how to use one.

as of now were using a raspberry pi with a ring of green LEDs

It’s worth noting that what you are using is not so different from OscarEye or even Limelight. Ultimately, OscarEye is just a hardware package to support a Raspberry Pi 4 with integrated power regulation, lighting, cooling, and an easy to mount enclosure. We did put up some information on regarding how you can use what you already have to start playing with the software packages OscarEye was designed to support, which are free for anyone to use.

I’m glad you guys are interested in making use of OscarEye, since my goal for the entire project is to make free and fully-featured vision software (like Chameleon or OpenSight) easier for teams to get started with.


Just curious, by the time you start shipping, will you be able to meet the requirements for being a Vendor, specifically points A, C, and D?


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Based on my interactions with the Oscar Eye team, 1339 went ahead and bought some of the root hardware (RPi4 and the PSPEye cameras, which are about $5 on eBay) and have installed Chameleon. Really we would be fine with just this, but we eagerly wait the OE products so we can package it all better. Thanks for all the hard work, guys.


Is there any update as to when they will be available for purchase?

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