Are Other Teams Submissions Public After The Submission Window Closes?

after april 4th are we going to be able to actually see the video’s other teams submit or just the raw data?

Not totally sure, I get the feeling that we will only see videos if the teams choose to share them some way. I was under the impression that FIRST would not be sharing them.

On another note it is not clear when scores will be visible on the event website. We submitted the accuracy challenge, not intending it to be visible yet, but it is. I believe that we hit the save button, but not the submit button.


Update 13 seems to have cleared up the understanding of when our submissions will be visible on the public event score portal.
Looking through that portal actually added to my confusion. For example I saw a team that posted a 14 AutoNav score not sure how that is even possible. However, our initial Power Port Challenge was rejected due to “Invalid Scores” (Probably a judgment call on one of our shots). This makes me assume that the AutoNav score of 14 was reviewed by judges and accepted.
Hopefully these things will become clearer to me as more teams start to post scores.
Any insights would be appreciated!!

I just saw a score for the autonav challenge of 12.5. Judging by the videos the team has put on Youtube, there is zero chance that is correct. I’m guessing they only put in 1 video and submitted 0 for the other times. FIRST should audit all top scores or add a button to report a mysterious score such as this.

Thank you for replying…
That makes sense. So the 12.5 s should really be 132.5 s assuming they add 60 s for the two runs that we assume that they did not do.
It is odd, however, that our PPC score got rejected for what I assume is a judgement on one of our balls being a 2 pt instead of 3pt score while seemingly impossible scores (12.5s) slip through and end up posted…
I am glad that they let us know that there was a discrepancy in how they saw our score so that we can go back and refilm/resubmit. We were originally going to wait until close to the deadline, but if we had a problem at that point we might not get enough warning to pivot and fix the problem prior to the submission window closing…

I’m sure that it will all sort out over the next few weeks.

On a side note, we (870) really enjoyed working with your team in 2019!!!
Hope to see you again in 2022!

I’m curious, how do you know they really reviewed your video? Where & how did you receive the “invalid score” message? How did you come to the conclusion that FIRST is providing feedback on the point values of your shots?

I’m speculating a bit on the reason, but can’t think of any other reason for the message.

Gotcha. And was your PPC score a nonnegative integer?

Most certainly!
It took about a week to get the rejection. It was not immediate. This has me believing that the video was viewed by a human who made a decision…

Thanks for the info. It is surprising!

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I have an alternate theory to share.

A couple of hours ago, 2363 entered a score of 49 for the PPC into the score submission portal This was so recent that the data has not yet been pushed into the leaderboard for our group (hi, fellow Antimony team here!).

Logging into the portal where you opt-in and out of the various competitions, I see the same error message.

The videos are not being reffed yet. Instead, the PPC score is being mistakenly validated the same as the IAC score… the system is looking for values between 0 and 45.


This aligns. The highest power port score right now is 44 points.


Thank you!! That info is much appreciated.
That makes a lot of sense.
Nice to see a fellow group member!!
If we learn anymore Ill be sure to share.

On a side note, we (870) really enjoyed working with your team in 2019!!!
Hope to see you again in 2022!

Sadly, I will no longer be on the team in 2022, but it was great working with you guys at FLR in 2019 along with competing against you guys at Long Island!