Are personal computers used to run code or does frc provide them?

My team has been having trouble running code on other computers, so I’m wondering if FIRST allows for personal computers to run code or if the files have to be transferred? If not, can someone provide some level of guidance? My team is using labview and is having issues getting all of the subvis to transfer their code along with the main vis because they saved in a completely different location for some reason.

The RoboRIO runs the code, not the personal computer - however to answer what I think you’re trying to ask, yes you bring your own computer as a driver station to matches. The event will likely provide a classmate PC as a backup if necessary.

Yeah that was what I was trying to ask, Thanks! At least I don’t have to deal with trying to migrate a bunch of hard to find vis.

Just a slight update since Classmates cannot run Win 10 and the Driver Station won’t install on an unsupported Windows OS like the Win7 that Classmates do run.

And there are at most only 4 spare laptops in Spare Parts ™ to use as temporary replacements, so no FRC does not provide laptops at the event. (Just in rookie KOPs).

Just to make sure, you set your code to « run as startup application » from LabView right? You really should not need to have the code on the computer running the driver station computer.

In fact it is best practice, team ressources allows, to have a computer with the code (LabView and VIs) and a computer for the driver station (used to drive the robot and brought to the field).

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