Are Sleeve Air Bags Allowed?

Hey, if lawyers want laws, we can follow the laws. :slight_smile:

First really needs to just identify the safety concerns they are trying to protect against and write the rules for that. They try to generalize too much and it leads to all of this confusion over words. For example I can totally understand the 60 psi max rule so some teams don’t make contraptions that produce huge amounts of force and speed. Reducing that does not totally prevent that I understand but it certainly takes it to the point of unlikely.

The rules of not damaging the field carpet is good. It specifies a goal instead of identifying every single wheel type or interface to the field.

Pneumatics on the other hand… They have worded it so the ball used in some games are now considered pneumatic ? Wheels are pneumatic, and technically air at sea level is 14.7 psi so does that make a welded frame tube a pneumatic because if the frame heats up in competition the pressure will increase?

One year we used ~.25 copper tube from our manifold to our tank and it failed inspection. It met all the requirements and violated none. They made us change it but could not cite a rule why. Just cuz its not what they were use to seeing. Not a huge deal but just shows that the intention of safety and fairness is getting lost in the interpretations.

Its unnecessary. The rules are for safety and fairness, and that can be done in a much more clear manner with pneumatics.

We had 100s of fist sized seat springs donated by Firestone several years ago. Their load rating was below the First requirements, but they carried a triple load burst rating. In our opinion it disqualified their use. The problem for us lied in that we were using them for actuators but the rating was based on their use as a spring.

The general consensus from a Reasonably Astute Observer’s perspective is no.

I have found an air spring from Firestone that they explicitly call an actuator

Does a vendor calling it an actuator make it an actuator?

The term FIRST uses is pneumatic linear actuator. That device is only called an actuator.

As a RI I would bring that to the LRI.

In fact that device states that it can take liquids as well, so it’s probably not legal.