Are some HS Team names inappropriate for FRC teams?

Scott you probably just think that because goats are such fearsome creatures, talk about bias :slight_smile: haha …

Jokes aside what does the C in FRC stand for… Its okay to have a competitive spirit and want to win. Isn’t only natural that a mascot personifies that teams drive for excellence? We always want to win against the best and will be one of the first teams helping you if your down. I don’t think our mascot scares people away from our pit…

Like just about every school with the VIKING as a mascot there has been talk among the staff that having a mascot that represents murderous hordes who raped and pillaged isn’t a great idea. But it isn’t going anywhere.

I think teams should find their own identity. Right now we’re “Viking Robotics” and I think its boring more than anything (I mean, there are about 200 Viking related teams out there, all based on school mascots). Teams like Exploding Bacon, or the Cheesy Poofs, have fun and original names that represented the spirit of the team when they formed.


My High School team were the Indians. The local tribe never complained about our use of the name when I asked a few members.

So long as your mascot wasn’t Chief Wahoo, I think it’s probably fine.

Well if you look at the negative aspects yeah vikings did some, stuff…
But all things have bad sides vikings were incredible navigators. At the end of the day someone or something has pissed someone off, there is no mascot that won’t have some negative aspect. I think the line is crossed when something is used with malicious intent.
Also if the team name is something sensitive don’t make a big deal out of it. You are less likely to bother someone with your name if you don’t bother them at all.

I think the mascot for D^3 might be a blue cube costume; does that have a negative aspect?

I’m sure someone somewhere is saying yes and coming up with a stupid example. I imagine a fear of boxes and the blue man group might be found in someone but I’m not about to go looking.

I see it as a simple question. Does your name promote yourself? Or does it flat out lash out at opponents. Most teams use their home school/ sponsoring organizations’ mascot and that is fine but somethings could be done better. A team promoting competition is fine as long as they don’t use it as an excuse to bring their opponents down or not be nice to them (aka gracious professionalism). It depends on how /you/ view your own name not how others. Our team name (Technical difficulties) came from our first year /always/ having technical difficulties 24/7. Soo just make your name personable and make it fun! Because being fun is most important in FIRST

Is there a team somewhere that chose a name that lashes out at opponents? Team We Hate You All? Team You Suck?

Yuma High School here in Arizona has one of the more unique high school mascots in the country that could be considered inappropriate to some, the Yuma Criminals. But when you actually read into the history of the name I’d have a hard time saying that would be a problem if their robotics team wanted to use the name (I for one think it’s pretty awesome). Most team names are in good fun and no one has the intention of actually destroying another team’s pit, school bus, etc.

Yuma High school is home to FRC team 3785, but they are the Gila Monsters as a re-incarnation of team 64 after the GM Proving Grounds moved from Phoenix down to Yuma.

There are lots of school team names that can easily give offense. (Although the “Criminals” is a new one to me.)


Crusaders: “We kill people based on their religion.”

Fighting Irish: “Well, see… we used to be called the ‘Drinking Irish’, but thought that was a racial slur”

even my former team’s school mascot, the “Trojan”, which we were unfortunately never able to fully monetize with a sponsorship.

Sometimes the best thing to do is be glad you’re not on this list:

(Criminals… you’re on the list!)


Waste of material - a sphere would get you more volume :slight_smile: