Are specs available on the new motors/mounts?

I don’t have the rulebook with me here so I apologize if this is in an appendix.

The FIRST site does not have the torque/speed specs for the new motors. Are tey available somewhere?

Also, are drawings for the supplied motor mounts available?

Matt B.

At the current time, no. In fact the appendix is empty and will only be added to by team updates.

I have contacted the motor manufacturer’s for the following motors:

  1. Drill Motor
  2. Atwood Chiaphua
  3. F-P motor
  4. Window Motor

I suspect that the globe motor is the same as last year (look in Dr. Joes Motor Spreadsheet in the White Papers section).

I also suspect that the only difference in the Atwood is the shaft, but will confirm. The Atwood from last year has the following performance specs:

  1. Stall Torque = 2.2 N-m
  2. Free Speed = 5500 RPM
  3. Stall Amps = 107
  4. Free Amps = 2.3

The Atwood Shaft diameter is: ~7.92mm. This is probably an 8mm shaft undersized by 0.05 to 0.10 mm. The keyway is made for a standard 2mm square key (included in kit).

I want to warn you about the F-P motor!!! The specs in the FIRST manual are for lasts year’s Johnson Electric Motor, not the ones that I pulled out of the kit. Our F-P motor only had 19 teeth, not 21 and was not the same motor as last year. I have already contacted the appropriate people at the motor manufacturer and should have the info by the end of the day tomorrow.

As soon as I confirm, I will post all specs and drawings that I receive.