Are Talons Legal?

Hey every one my mentor and i were discussing about what motor controllers we should use this year we have used jaguars the past few years and they used victors before i was on the team and we have seen the talons and were wondering if they were first legal we want to go with either the Victor 888 or the new Talons. and try something else besides the jaguars.

We’ll all know in one week.

Talons have not been legal before. It’s really kind of hard to say at this point whether or not FIRST will allow them. Our team has had no trouble using Jaguars with PWM, and at this point, we exclusively use Jaguars on production robots. We’ve had problems with Victors catching fire before, but that was before I joined the team. At this point, I would draw up contingencies for both Talons and no Talons.

This is very True

Uhh, they were declared legal for 2013 a few weeks ago…

i know on our team in the past we have had some problems with the jaguars but we like how they are covered because our team mates love to drill holes after we wire the robot. =]

Huh. When and where did FIRST release that information? I must have missed it.

do you have a link you could send me to?

Here is a relevant blog post: