Are the ramps the 'Swerve defeater'

Just have a higher frame off the ground and you’re good imo

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Vacuum climb??? A modified 2019 vacuum could have some merit.


I absolutely believe this.

  1. There is no edge to high center on (short of driving off the far edge)

  2. That angle (11-15 degrees) is well within what we have seen over the past few seasons

  3. There is no traction penalty (tank will not have middle wheels in contact until on the Charge station anyway)

  4. Easier to optimize space on the charge station by strafing once you are on it.


Unless you can get another function out of the vacuum I would advise against it, that was not a fun system to maintain.

The fact the charge station platform is not static makes this a much more difficult challenge to get a seal in a timely manner too.

Although I do employ people to make the balance challenge more than an afterthought, so definitely think about it. Maybe you don’t wanna rely on your drivetrain.


What do you mean by this? Was there just problems with the vacuum breaking or was it just hard to maintain a good seal?


I do not wanna derail this thread, so I will keep it short and if there is more to talk about it can be its own thread.

For reference Vaccum based climbers

For starters:

  1. Material selection, granted a lot of this is already a solved problem, as 2019 already happened.

  2. Cracks, scratches and dents in the surfaces you want to attach to. You constantly have to inspect the field and the field gets beat up over time.

  3. Foam/weather stripping for seals. Maintenance you would expect

  4. LOUD. The vane pumps are not quiet, pit crew will hate you. You will get so sick of the whining (of the pumps, and maybe the pitcrew).


Can the ramps be used as jumps?


What do you think about the wheels on a REV MAXSWERVE module? Considering how they are 3 inches in diameter im worried there isnt enough clearance for a chassis using those modules


Take a look at G301 Vacuum may not be legal this year for attachment to field…


That will depend on your robot chassis design and bumpers. 111 has a nice slide deck that was in a thread a few weeks ago, I’ll link it in if I can find it.

Seems to be referring to the carpet itself

attaching to (including the use of a vacuum or hook fastener to anchor to the FIELD carpet
and excluding use of the DRIVER STATION hook-and-loop tape, …

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For this to be legal you’d have to argue that vacuum attaching to the charge station is not included in “Attaching to”, when doing the same to the carpet is explicitly included.

I wouldn’t bet on it, but still probably worth a Q&A

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Nothing about that incline suggests to me it’ll give swerve problems.

I am wondering if purchasing the more expensive SDS MK4is over regular MK4s a few months ago will come back to bite us with that lower ground clearance though…


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You can mount the plates on the the tubes for another ~1’ of clearance.



You still need to account for the bumper zone. At minimum you will have lower points of bumper on the corners.

just send it

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Given all of the high power brushless motors these days I’m waiting for someone to recreate this. (Start @1:39)


Does anybody have video of an MK4 drivetrain going on the charging station?

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I’ll do you one better. Who has a charging station?