Are there any Alternative to Electrical Linear Actuator?

My main objective is to make our class room board a height adjustable one. Means it should move up and down. It is about 50 kg weight. I came to know about actuators which can make it simple. But the main factor here is the cost. So can any one suggest me an alternative to actuators for my application which can move a 50 kg board up and down?


50 kg is fairly heavy. I would add a counter balance it so the force to move is is <5KG. Then you could use a simple friction lock. If you have not done so already it will need some sort of guide track. 80/20 extrusion or similar. You can get a fairly hefty education discount from 80/20 for the asking.

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-belt and pulley with a motor (and some gearbox), put the board on rails of some sort (v-wheels in 80/20 extrusion, igus linear rail, etc etc)

theres probably others but theres a couple ideas

We built a linear actuator using a ball screw, HTD5 belt and pulleys, and a vex gear box. The round shaft (8mm) is doing the lifting. You could use a lead screw instead of a ball screw to cut down cost. You don’t specify how much you need to lift. Hope this gives you some ideas.

How far is it moving?

I want to lift a 50kg board up and down that’s all. But without manual effort.the distance it should move is 500 mm

Systems like this started popping up in the late 80s early 90s iirc?

Poke around for motorized chalkboard patents and other patents they reference, and you’ll likely find a number of systems that are all fairly well validated.

+1 to this. A pulley and a counterweight will make it nearly weightless. A long stick of steel could do the trick, or a stack of old textbooks.

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Not only is that my calculus professor (Chris Butler) in the video, the guy who made the chalkboards dance is my good friend Ian Charnas. (also side note, those chalkboards, in Millis Schmitt auditorium at CWRU, don’t work anymore :frowning_face: )

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