Are there any commercial programs as good as GRIP?

Let me just be a bit of a fanboy for a minute. Grip is amazing. For visualizing the results of common vision processing using opencv, it’s just incredible.

Are there any products on the market that work anywhere close to as well at a reasonable cost? I’m not concerned too much about the FIRST specific elements of GRIP, though those are important. (i.e. it can communicate with robots during matches very well.) I just want a program that helps me develop the algorithms for computer vision.

Grip is good enough for that, but if there were a commercial product that did the same thing, it would probably be slightly better at file handling and such, although Grip is darned good.

So, I’ll probably just continue to use Grip, and laud its creators as wonderful people, worthy of great praise, but if there were a commercial alternative, I would check it out. I just don’t know of any such product.


C++ & OpenCV

I looked into it a few years ago, and there really isn’t a commerical product that is quite as easy to use.

NI Vision Assistant

There are certainly more powerful commercial products. But GRIP is by far the easiest to use and has some fairly unique features

  • Load vision programs via HTTP at runtime, even if another one is running
  • Works standalone or can generate code
  • Multi-platform (many are Windows-only)

I had an internship last year at a company using robots to build custom tile mosaics. They’re planning on using a laser scanner to pipe 3D data into GRIP to find the tiles to pick up, and need to quickly switch pipelines because of different reflective properties of different kinds of tile. I actually added the HTTP stuff because of that need.