Are there any estimates for how many teams have visual acquisition?

Just like the title says, how many teams have a working auto-targeting system? I’m just curious to get an idea of how many teams out there will be using one. Thanks!

Veterans Affairs?

va = visual acquisition (from the title of the thread, although it is good practice to spell out abbreviations the first time they are used).

Our team has one. It is the first year we have accomplished it.

I think the more common term is “auto targeting”

Usually the selection bias on chief is quite high… My team and my rookie team both use auto targeting. At mich events id estimate
An average of 33% usage (in auton and/or teleporter)

What’s visual acquisition? I’ve never heard that term.

But if you’re talking about vision processing used for aiming, then yes, we’re doing that. I think it’s our first year doing so; this seems to be a good game for it.