Are there any other amateur radio operators?

Hello all,

I just made an account here on the forum but have been reading here for a while now. I’ve seen a lot of threads mentioning amateur radio but most of them are old. Just curios if anybody else is licensed.


Hi Liam.
I hold both a Ham license and a GMRS license.
I find there is a lot more activity in my area on GMRS.


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WRVI448 (GMRS) checking in!


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KJ6GXF here. I needed a technicians class license to support many of my engineering hobbies…

Same here. I got my Technicians so I could legally use higher power video transmitters on my LR RC aircrafts.
Now I am picking up various other aspects of the hobby.

I’ve held my technician license since 2009 :slight_smile: I’ve been thinking about trying to get my general, but haven’t had time and I don’t have an HF radio to motivate me… A someday project I guess.

I had my tech for a few months and then decided to get my general. I got an HF radio a few months later and I’ll occasionally get on SSB now.

KE5PYL Extra

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I have a General license: KI5OYN. Unfortunately since I realized I was trans I’ve kinda moved away from the hobby due to expressed beliefs of others in the local Ham Clubs, and the social aspect was a large part of why I participated. I’m sure I’ll at least get back into POTA at some point, gotta put my Go-Box to work.


KC0DEQ here, got my general back when the code test was still required.

Haven’t been active for a while though, as I’ve been focusing on other hobbies/projects. Although I’ve thought about checking out what all this SDR stuff is about!


Used to be N3NYK. Got my license back in very early 1990’s but let it lapse.
My father, WI3N, is still very involved with ham radio in the MD, DC, VA area.
To the OP, are you saying the threads are old, or the radio operators are old?! :slight_smile:

When I was a kid, I thought this is what HAM radio people did:

(792) Haredevil Hare ending - YouTube

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KA0EGB, but not very active.

I got my technician class license during freshman year of high school! I used to use it all the time for backpacking/hiking trips. I’m not that active anymore unfortunately.

KB0ozn here, just got done working with the 10GHz and up contest this last weekend, nothing like having buckets and buckets of Hertz! lol