Are There Any Reductor or Gearbox Limitations?

We are planning to use a custom made reductor with our cim motor. I couldn’t find any limitations except cots 600$ limit but I want to make sure.Thanks in advance.

Must meet COTS definition (must be made by a VENDOR) and $600 limit are the key rules. Naturally it must fit within the robot weight, not be otherwise unsafe (e.g. contain mercury) or be hydraulic in nature, etc. Basically as long as it violates no rule, it’s legal. Generally the issues teams run into are gearboxes with integrated motors, but since you’ve made it clear you’re using a CIM with it, you should be good to go. The only lingering question I have is you say it’s a “custom made” reductor–does this simply mean you’ve custom-ordered it from a VENDOR for less than $600?

EDIT: see EricH’s post. If this is a gearbox you’re building yourself from COTS gears, that’s 100% legal (assuming the individual components like gears/bearings/etc you’re using are less than $600 each).

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I believe they’re talking about a Fabricated Item gearbox, i.e. team-built. If that’s the case, then it’s pretty much don’t exceed robot size/weight limits (or individual item cost limits).

If it’s a custom order from a Vendor, R301, Blue Box, Example 1 comes the closest to how to calculate the FMV for that $600 limit.


We made it ourselves like buying housing from one manufacturer, gears from another one etc. Everything we used to fabricate costs less than 100$ in total.


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