Are there any rules on using custom wheels?

Specifically, can we use wheels we design or ANY COTS wheel on our robot?

Yes as long as they are not made from lead and don’t attach to the carpet (velcro) or damage the field in any other way.

Can’t find rules that say you can. Could so done please identify that?


What rules say you can’t?

G12, R6, & R9 are examples of rules that apply …

There is no rule that says you can use aluminum either…

Rules are often more about what you CAN’T do (or MUST do, like bumpers) rather than what you can.

Is anyone not using some form of pneumatic wheels?

You should be able to make your own wheels. Teams do it all the time, just look around youtube or all the tier 1 teams. Many of them make their own custom wheels. Why is custom wheels different than any other custom robot parts?

We are planning on using these: with wedgetop tread

We likely won’t have wheels at all… Unless they are used for an acquirer or shooter…