Are there any teams staying in the Marriott for Alanta?

My team(768) is staying in the Marriott in next to the mall for the First championship. I wanted to meet some of the other teams. So are there any teams staying in the same Marriott as me?

My team SigmaC@t 108 is staying at Marriott Residence Inn which is on peachtree street (there are a lot of marrotts in Atlanta). You are welcome to come hang out with me.

Here is a list of hotels with teams, Credit goes to Genia for taking her time to put the list together.


Actually, there’s also a huge thread containing all the information about who’s staying where. There are quite a few teams staying at Marriots (of which there are several Marriots). 103 will be staying at the Marriot Marquis.

That would be the Marquis.

It’s on the opposite side of the mall from the Hyatt :slight_smile:

1002 is there. PM me if you want to hang out.

Mods could ya close it after this post

First off which marriot?

Marriot Fairfield
Teams: 48, 433, 772, 549

Marriott Marquis
Teams: 33, 86, 103, 168, 222, 250, 340, 486, 810, 811, 1002, 1140, 1241
Unattached Individuals: Steve Howland

Marriott Renaissance
Teams: 812, 1266, 1527
Unattached Individuals:

Marriott Residence Inn Teams: 168
Unattached Individuals:

The issue in the thread seems to be resolved. The guy posting first has posted about the Marriott Courtyard in the other thread. :slight_smile:

All is now good.