Are these wheels available, anf if not are they ever gonna be?


Ha, if they do come out they could call them Chunk classics-The one, the only, the original. :smiley:
Or you could just hack up an rc car you’v got laying around.

Yes, they should be available from Tower Hobbies. Those are RC car wheels made by HPI and I beleive the tires are made by Duratrax. I doubt you’ll see them for sale made specifically for Vex.

Took the words straight out of my mouth:

Yes, those look like RC stadium truck tires, or possibly electric buggy.

Make sure you glue them, though, or they will slip and offer you no traction whatsoever

To glue tires: simply put a smooth bead of CA glue around the rim between the tire and the wheel, in case you aren’t to familiar with RC terminology and technique